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let me wish you a happy and precious diwali for you and your family. this diwali is special and having lots of things to do. this video shows you the one of the best Diwali Celebration 2020 video for free. this is the best crackers video of the year. the rocket war is here for you.

In this video, you will see what is rocket war and how it plays. this is the best video of the Diwali celebration 2020. the rockets are flying over the sky and creating some best moments for Diwali special. this is known as rocket war. download bulk rocket fire video from the below link. here is the best Diwali celebration 2020 video hope you enjoy it.

Diwali celebration 2020

Diwali celebration 2020 rocket war

This video is about the rocket war which is celebrated on the island. more then 50000 rockets are fired on this day. people of two different streets are flying their rockets among the street. there is some traditional importance of this celebration. please don’t try this at your home or street this is only for entertainment purposes. have a happy and safe Diwali.

Diwali celebration 2020 rocket war Video Download from below link


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