Top 50 Best Motivational Status that can change your life

Hello Friends!! today we are presenting the Best of 50 Motivational status quotes for you. if you are reading this article that means you are active and want to be a success in your life. sometime somewhere we are stuck in our life and haven’t any kind of clearance of what to do from onward. in such time we required someone who can guide us throughout the journey, it can be your parents, friends, your teacher anyone who is in contact with you. but if you are the only solution to your problem then you must be motivational, self-enthusiastic, and have required active and positive mindset. that is why a motivational status quote is required.

self-motivation is the key to success. you can’t wait that, someone came and give you some motivation force and that after you can move forward. this type of attitude is dangerous and harmful for us. you must have self-motivation skills. here we are going to present the top 50 motivational status quotes for you. I am sure that after reading these quotes you feel like you are the strongest person in the world. and that is the ultimate aim of us to create this article post. so just read below motivational status quotes and be successful in your life.

Top 50 Motivational Status that can Change Your Life

Motivational Status

Motivational Status Quotes 1 to 10

Confidence is not that people will like you, Confidence is that even if they do not like you, you are still fine.

Every small change is a part of great success.

What is easily found does not last forever, what remains forever is not easily found.

One who is not only winning but also knowing where to lose, is also great to know.

The one who changes moves forward.

Happiness depends on your attitude, not on what you have.

The desire to achieve the goal is estimated by the fact that there will be discomfort throughout the night due to not achieving the goal, we also love that discomfort.

Control your mind, before the mind controls you.

Your time is limited, so don’t waste it by living someone else’s life.

When you do not laugh at the same joke again, you should not be upset at the same pain again.

Motivational Status Quotes 11 to 20

Success is the one who overcomes his desires, not his enemies.

When the future starts to fade, then you need to focus on your present.

Successful people have two things on their faces, one is silence and the other is smile.

Everything is easy when you are busy and nothing is easy when you are lazy

Do not tell your spirits how big your problem is, tell your problem how big your confidence is.

Whether a person knows millions of things, he wants to know the whole world, but if he does not know himself, then he is ignorant.

If today you work harder than you earn, then soon you will earn more than hard work.

First Learn then remove “L” form it.

The height of the mountain does not stop you from moving forward, rather the pebbles in your shoes prevent you from moving forward.

Truth can be annoying but can not defeated.

Motivational Status Quotes 21 to 30

If you are afraid of doing good work then remember it is a sign that your work is really full of bravery. Everyone would have done it if there was no fear and risk in it.

Do not compare yourself to anyone, like the moon and the sun cannot be compared because they both shine on their individual time.

If only because you stopped doing your work because someone thought you couldn’t, then it was not your dream but just a small wish.

Do not take the words of people who do not know you personally.

The difference between a mad and a clever one is that there is a limit to a clever one and a madman has no limit.

Do not look for the good people in life, but become good yourself, may meet you and go away looking for someone.

When we understand ourselves, does not matter what other people think about us.

Speak as much about others as you can about yourself.

It is good to be alone, rather than being with people who do not value you.

If there are difficulties in life, do not be sad, just keep in mind that difficult roles are given only to good actors.

Motivational Status Quotes 31 to 40

Do not compare the story of your life to a movie, because movie script is written by writer and your life is written by the god

I thank to my past who taught me a lot and also tell the future that I am ready to learn more.

The pain you are suffering today will be your strength tomorrow.

Mistake is what you nothing learned from it.

Pay attention to what you currently have, not those that don’t.

Sleeping can be woken up, but if someone is lying by pretending to be asleep, then how to wake him up.

A human being succeeds when he starts changing himself, not the world.


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